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Aztec Animals
I was looking through a book about ancient South American art and saw an carving of what looked like a fish sticking its tongue out.  Inspiration happened.
    Once, there was a man with a coat.

    His fate would soon be in the hands of forces more powerful than he could imagine.

    He was being watched.

    "See that man down there?"  said the Wind.
    "Of course," said the Sun, "I see everything."
    "I bet I can get his coat off." said the Wind.
    "Bet you can't."
    "Can't!" said the Sun.  "I, the greatest thermonuclear reactor for several light years around, could do it, but you!  You're just a bunch of vibrating air molecules.  You're nothing."
"Try telling him that." said the Wind, and it began to blow furiously upon the man, who, predictably, only held his coat tighter.  Eventually, exhausted, the Wind gave up.
    The Sun looked intolerably smug, and patted the Wind's insubstantial back with condescending commiseration.  "Well, you try it then." said the Wind sourly.  "Certainly." replied the Sun.  It began to beam down on the man (before this it had only been grinning halfheartedly at him.)  The man soon grew warm and removed his coat.  What the sun did not know was that this man was not wearing sunscreen.  Within a year he had taken to his bed with a bad case of skin cancer. 
    The Sun was so pleased with itself that it beamed even harder, and melted our polar icecaps and dried out our jungles.  Before a century had passed, the few surviving earthlings had packed up and left the solar system.
    "You see?" said the Sun.  "Sometimes gentleness is more effective than force."

Moral:  As flies to wanton boys are we to personifications of the weather: they kill us for their sport.
The Sun and the Wind (an new interpretation)
Something I wrote when I should have been doing my Latin homework.  I've been rather irritated with this fable (I think it's one of Aesop’s) ever since a drama teacher rejected my idea that we perform the epic battle of Hector and Achilles in front of the gates of Troy, and made us do "The Sun and the Wind" instead.  Therefore, I decided to rewrite it.  Unfortunately, we didn't perform my version.

We don't have winter anymore. 

It was banned. 


Human rights activists said it discriminated against the poor and homeless, who couldn't buy warm clothing. Environmentalists said that it was a dastardly attempt by the weather to deny the reality of global warming.  Manufacturers of flip-flops and bikinis complained that it was bad for business. 

Obviously such a depraved season could not be allowed to exist in a progressive country like ours.  You can see the proof of our forward-thinking attitude everywhere you go.  Look out the window of a rattletrap old bus (new vehicles are illegal; they were wasteful, and caused feelings of resentment in people who didn't have them) and the billboards by the side of the road are shouting.  One bellows, “Intolerance will not be tolerated!”   Its neighbor shrieks, “You may not criticize freedom of speech!”  The billboards are good citizens.  Once their declarations would have been called propaganda, but we don’t have that anymore.  I only know about it at all because I sneak into the back rooms of libraries.  Don’t tell.  Please.


It’s not like many people would care what’s back here, really.  It’s just old books, debarred from the bright, clean, and mostly empty public shelves with their colorful posters offering cheerfully useless advice, because they were offensive to someone or hurtful to someone else, or because they referenced a distasteful topic, or were just ambiguously irritating to the right people.  Our world’s full of things that are prohibited for similar crimes.  Or rather, it’s filled with the empty places where they used to be.


But I sneak back here anyway.  It’s a time-honored tradition for people my age to go where we’re not supposed to go, see what we’re not supposed to see, and generally defy time-honored traditions.  There’s a thrill back here like a covertly plucked violin, among the dust and dead bugs and dying stories.  Every tiny thwack of a drifting cobweb making contact with the ceiling or the floor makes my heart start thundering out a drum roll, and it’s so easy to forget that your heart beats at all when it never panics and cries out, and when you realize that it does beat, you’re alive, it feels like the first gasp of breath after waking from a nightmare, or after swimming in deep water. 


Maybe winter felt like that.  Maybe winter made people remember that they’re alive and warm, and someday they would be very, very cold.  It’s easier to function if you forget all that.  You can’t bear to waste time if you can see the clock ticking and realize that the seconds will never come back to you, can’t be thoughtlessly, casually cruel if you realize that one day it will be too late to apologize.


I guess I’ll never know what winter was like, now that we’ve killed it and are left with just the vacant shelf where it used to live.  Three months of cold, and darkness, and sometimes snow, but never winter.

The Season Censors
Written for this:Literature CVil War - Prose Team, Assemble!
My task was to describe the death of winter, with at least one of my charactors being an inanimate object.  I hope personifying the billboards and books was sufficient.  Also, I didn't really describe the death of winter, more what happened after it died... maybe I should stop pointing out the flaws in my story in case the judges read what I write down here.
There are 498 carefully chosen words. 
Swan Boat
The only sailing vessels allowed on this lake have beaks and feathers.  


No journal entries yet.


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